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Die Junta in Kiew wird chemische Waffen gegen Donbas anwenden. Alexander Zhilin.

Deutscher Text im Video.

Ukrainian regime is conducting the last preparations to commit a horrendous crime against the civil population in towns under the rebels control. They plan on launching a multistage chemical attack disguised as a crime committed by Russia and/or the rebels leadership. Stage one includes the rocket attack on water treatment facilities of the cities Donetsk and Lugansk, that contain several tones of industrial chlorine. As the result the poisonous cloud is expected to cover a wide area, triggering a massive panic and resulting in several thousands of civilian casualties. Stage two would involve an attack on ammonia storage facility at the local „Stirol“ plant and is planned to be launched within an hour after the first attack. The third stage will be launched within 20 hours after the first two attacks with military grade chemical weapons,either from vehicle-based rockets or short range missiles or artillery shells charged with chemicals. A day ago a US vice-President Joe Biden has started an informational umbrella for this crime – he accused Russia in bringing the missile launchers and heavy artillery at the border, within an accessible range from the planned areas of this attack. An ultimate goal of these attacks is to cause a massive public outcry in Russia and force its president to launch a military intervention into the disputed areas. This message is an attempt to derail the plans of Ukrainian government and its US puppeteers to commit this crime. This is NOT a joke or a propaganda of any kind – this is something that is being prepared right now by people that are determined to achieve their goals at any cost.



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